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Bubbles and shakeouts in making music pay

Bubbles and shakeouts in making music pay

Secondary profiting from non-live music has gone through similar boom-bust cycles already. From the earliest, when music was disseminated only through personal learning by performers and travel, the first technological step in separating original creation and publishing was written notation on paper. Bach’s family was his duplicating machine. Read the rest of this page »

~~ hearing deficit ?

Ears age differently. This is a plea: don’t assume – it can hurt.

Some aging ears need more loudness. For others, however, too-loud talking or music is painful. Not figuratively painful — pain painful, right in the ears, pretty damn close in. Read the rest of this page »

~~ the musician: prophet or entertainer?

A musician who contemplates what it is to be human runs up against pesky questions.

For this essay, a prophet is one who warns of urgent truths no matter the cost, and an entertainer structures leisure time for hire. Because this is a mix, not a simple dichotomy, the questions around the distinction can be pesky. Read the rest of this page »

~~ musicians and audiophiles listen differently

I disagree with any requirement to listen to music live as essential to full enjoyment or appreciation. Low-fidelity technology is sufficient to carry all that I listen for in music. Read the rest of this page »

~~ editing Poole’s Frankie and Johnny lyric

The Charlie Poole lyric for the New Lost City Ramblers is much more to my taste than the more familiar one. I make some changes, however, to help me put it across clearly. Read the rest of this page »

Who’s he think he is?

I’m David Zethmayr, proprietor of Earfirst Editions, sheetmusic and music self-teach method and theory materials, some free, some for sale. This is the focus blog for Earfirst Editions proper:


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