basics with Do-along Dave

Nashville/Noshvil Chording

Nashville chording, used by studio musicians everywhere, is a “key-free” chord notation like “1-2-3” solfeggio. The names are for chord roots, regardless of key. When an artist wants to sing in different key, it’s easy to play the proper chords for her without needing a new chord chart with keyboard-style root names (..-BC-D-EF-G-A-..)

Here are chord root names laid along; low-high is left-right, as on a keyboard:

       1       2        3       4#      5#     7b       1        2    …

…   7     1#     3b       4        5         6         7      1#      3b    …

That is standard Nashville convention. (Of course, 4# might sometimes appear as 5b, etc.)

In an alternative Nashville style, “Noshvil” eliminates “#” and “b” in chord roots by replacing (e.g.)  “7b ” with “Z:

…        1       2        3       X       Y       Z       1       2       3     …

    7      L       M       4        5       6       7       L      M      …

______ DZ rev 2018-8-7

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