basics with Do-along Dave

~~ hearing deficit ?

Ears age differently. This is a plea: don’t assume – it can hurt.

Some aging ears need more loudness. For others, however, too-loud talking or music is painful. Not figuratively painful — pain painful, right in the ears, pretty damn close in.

Please don’t assume that someone’s hearing condition calls upon you to speak loudly. To call this a hearing ‘deficit’ hides a crucial aspect of hearing — hypersensitivity.

My father suffered this kind of hearing pain. He angrily mentioned this, stage-whispering “Not — so — LOUD!” to the orthopedic sugeon who had spoken as if to someone near a jackhammer, supine in the hospital bed. That … man could not abide the correction and responded with a painful, unnecessary maneuver to my dad’s surgical wound.

You may know someone in this condition, vulnerable to anyone’s “considerate” loud talking. Consider the difference between speaking loudly and speaking clearly. Think you could manage it?

I have recently come through a years-long period of the hypersensitive type. The pain has lessened somewhat, although I still feel internal alarm rising when music or talking becomes loud, even at some distance. The world of live music sounds better to me through earplugs. I wear my hair over my ears so as not to scandalize fellow musicians with my self-defense measure.

Whatever hearing conditions you may be experiencing, my concerts are aimed away from raw loudness. My favorite collaborators are more interested in other dimensions of music: rhythm, interplay of voices (both intrumental and vocal), independence and interdependence, poetic drama, humor, subtlety, directness, purity, power, authentic life experience appeal. The harder to encapsulate in words, the better.

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