basics with Do-along Dave

~~ musicians and audiophiles listen differently

I disagree with any requirement to listen to music live as essential to full enjoyment or appreciation. Low-fidelity technology is sufficient to carry all that I listen for in music. No audiophile, I listen for echos of the best I have myself experienced in rehearsals and concerts as a performer. True, I can never live the experience of the non-musician listener, so my viewpoint is biased and in a small minority. To me, the great, irreplaceable value of live music is in the doing, not the attending. And I’m willing to project that value to any beginner.

Maybe the live ambience can be crucial for a newcomer in the world to find ‘er way into music if that is to be. But that, I opine, is not for the lossless audio fidelity. It is for cultural and inner reasons less easy to catalog.

An eight-year-old Margaret Hillis told her mother, “That’s what I want to be” after watching the conductor in a live concert. But it was not until playing string bass in high-school orchestra that she came to an appreciation of the low-voice rhythmic underpinnings of orchestral texture. The early experience was definitive. The later experience, refinement.

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