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“Fly, thought, on wings of gold” says the well-loved “Va, pensiero” chorus from Verdi’s opera Nabucco. As if sung by the Hebrews in captivity in the land of Nebuchadnezzar where “we hung our harps on the willows, sat down by the waters of Babylon and wept for you, Zion”, Verdi gives the text a reverential, solemn, unforgettable melody.

The peace-imaginers Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr, Cochise, Shabbona, Yeshua bar Mariam of Nazareth, all dare to imagine peace while their people live oppressed. Their spiritual music flies on wings of gold.

The “golden wings paradox” encapsulates the problem of jihad. Continue reading

Shadow of the Gardener

The Moyzishen once told me “the best fertilizer is the shadow of the gardener”. This gardener has been away, planting and tending some at http://LeDameStepsOut.wordpress.com , letting the Wounded Whitetail roam free awhile.

That other blog effort has been intensely educational, and I’m hoping the experience may improve this one. I’ve met generous, talented, focused writers along some new trails. The “theme” I’m trying there may be worth using here too. I’ll decide after going to and fro a bit more.

Hasta luego entonces, mundocompadres.



Israel is erasing Palestine from the map


The will to seek ways to peace is alive somewhere on both sides. Neither side has answers sufficient alone. Peace-seekers must find each other, learn, build for life.

Originally posted on Kalki:

Israel is erasing Palestine from the map

Since 1948, the Palestinians are living condemned to perpetual humiliation. They can not even breathe without authorization. They have lost their homeland, their land, their water, their freedom, everything.

israeli and palestine

The scenes of mutilation of women, children and civilians in general, by Israeli forces are terrible. Who between Israel and your allies in Europe and America can speak in combating terrorism? Over the past twenty-five years I have seen terrorism through the television (with interviews, documentaries, etc.) practiced by the self-styled defenders of freedom.
That the thousands killed by coalition forces of the “free” world in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Africa, Asia find peace and freedom in life after death. israeli and palestineHere in the living world, the Satanism and the blood sacrifices are a routine. The “Mankind” is indifferent with the sacrifices of blood aproved by the rulers of the world.
The innocent only ones among…

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Three notes that may apply to listeners, friends, providers, or others


Caregivers take this to heart. Review your attitude.

Originally posted on captainglittertoes:

TRIGGER WARNING: ableism, saneism, provider dehumanization/disengagement


To therapists: I am not a “case.” I am a human being. If I am a “case,” so are you, therapist sir or ma’am or whatever you may want to be called. You are a case of dehumanization. I am a case of humanity. We are not a “population.” We are a community. We are not just our diagnoses, and our diagnoses are more than us; we have our own whole full lives.

To medical providers: I have been living with chronic pain for five years, and a lot of that was malpractice. Even if my prognosis is good, and even though you have not been here for most of that time, sometimes, I don’t want to be cheery. Sometimes, I don’t want to be the easy “patient.” Often, I am not brave at all. Oh no—that word—“patient.” I am a human being…

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Justice? Who cares?


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Can we repair our broken “justice” system? Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes told someone “This is not a court of justice, it is a court of law.” If so, then it’s up to the law. And law, that “dead hand of history”, is up to us.

The law’s value to us absolutely depends on enforcement. Law enforcement depends on officers, and they need leadership. When an officer is corrupt or lax, leadership must recognize and take action. When enforcement leadership is lax or corrupt, that is malfeasance in public office and this, to me, amounts to treason. Continue reading

All The Ways The System Has Failed Me


Originally posted on Fish Of Gold:

I am not a huge fan of the justice system in the United States. I think it’s inappropriately named since there is very little real justice in it, much like products that advertise “made with real cheese” even though most of it is partially hydrogenated oil.

"Spray" isn't a word that should apply to cheese.

“Spray” isn’t a word that should apply to cheese. (kraftfoodsgroup.com)

You shouldn’t be able to buy or sell (or spray) justice. The system is broken. Our broken system is still slightly better than a lot of other systems in the world, but that doesn’t make it good.

I’ve complained before about the system failing others, but this post contains all the ways it has failed me personally. A word of warning, it will probably make you angry.

1. Civil suit

My first brush with the legal system was as a civil plaintiff. When I was twenty, I was at an old theater in…

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Supreme Court: Now Accepting Tips


Satire with bite and masticating skill

Originally posted on Fish Of Gold:

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States of America struck down another part of forty-year old campaign finance reform designed to prevent corruption. If you are a person or a corporation–actually, they’re synonymous to the Supreme Court–you are now welcome to donate as much as you’d like to any candidate or party. On Tuesday, you could only donate an aggregate limit of $123,000 per year. As of Wednesday, there is no limit.

Unfortunately, they left the cap on donating to individual candidates in place, but we expect that will be struck down any day now, since Justice Clarence Thomas said that he would like to abolish all limits on campaign contributions. For now, you’re welcome to donate your entire fortune to a bunch of different candidates or the party of your choice. If you’ve maxed out donations on candidates in your area, you’re welcome to meddle with the rest…

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The Bigger Thief and the Public Trust


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An old story tells of Fool, who gathers treasure and locks it up in a chest. A small thief comes and carries away the chest.

For his next treasure Fool gets a larger chest with a stronger lock. A bigger thief carries it away, breaks the lock and enjoys the treasure. Continue reading

Satire: Scalpel before Balm


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I had a diction difficulty with part of a journal piece on a high-school crossdressing dust-up. Here is the phrase I stuck at: “[A "crossdressing day" at the school] is offensive because it finds its fun in the tired, old stereotypes about what boys and girls are supposed to look like … those stereotypes have been causing them a world of pain for a long time.”

Vital distinction

“Finding fun in” and “making fun of” are rather different to my mind. Continue reading


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