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Retiring the Wounded Whitetail

The URL for the blog Tracking the Wounded Whitetail/Off-topic stuff at has been “” (where we’re sitting now). I’m now re-purposing this URL for on-topic material for Earfirst™ Editions in sheetmusic, music theory basics with squiggle™ and slantnote™ , and my concert tours. Read the rest of this page »

~~ hearing deficit ?

Ears age differently. This is a plea: don’t assume – it can hurt.

Some aging ears need more loudness. For others, however, too-loud talking or music is painful. Not figuratively painful — pain painful, right in the ears, pretty damn close in. Read the rest of this page »

~~ the musician: prophet or entertainer?

A musician who contemplates what it is to be human runs up against pesky questions.

For this essay, a prophet is one who warns of urgent truths no matter the cost, and an entertainer structures leisure time for hire. Because this is a mix, not a simple dichotomy, the questions around the distinction can be pesky. Read the rest of this page »

~~ musicians and audiophiles listen differently

I disagree with any requirement to listen to music live as essential to full enjoyment or appreciation. Low-fidelity technology is sufficient to carry all that I listen for in music. Read the rest of this page »

~~ editing Poole’s Frankie and Johnny lyric

The Charlie Poole lyric for the New Lost City Ramblers is much more to my taste than the more familiar one. I make some changes, however, to help me put it across clearly. Read the rest of this page »

Who’s he think he is?

I’m David Zethmayr, proprietor of Earfirst Editions, sheetmusic and music self-teach method and theory materials, some free, some for sale. This is the focus blog for Earfirst Editions proper:


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